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Do You Have a Mobile Friendly Responsive Website Design?

April 21, 2015—the launch date of the “Mobilegeddon” update. If your website isn’t mobile friendly you’re losing all of your mobile phone traffic and upwards of 60% of your total traffic, depending on your type of business and how your customers search for you. If your website is not mobile friendly or built to be responsive you may not show up when your prospects search your keywords on mobile phones. In addition, your site may not look good on smaller screens, which means you’re leaving a lot of money on the table as smart phone users leave your site in favor of greener pastures.

Responsive web design solutions help your websites look great on PCs, smart phones, tablets, and smart watches. They satisfy the search engine requirements and they satisfy the demands of your busy, on-the-go customer base.

Most traditional web sites simply don’t translate very well when viewed on mobile devices. The content looks strange and unprofessional. Menu options shrink until they’re difficult to reach.

If your site isn’t mobile-ready you’re being penalized every time someone chooses to search for your products or services while using a mobile phone.

There are no half measures. Search engines say your site is either “mobile-friendly,” or it isn’t. Search engines give mobile Search Engine Results preference to the sites that meet their mobile friendly criteria, which means a non-responsive site could easily end up dropping off of the Page 1 results.

Responsive web design is the answer. Our team of web developers will create or convert a site that looks great on any kind of device, including:

Smart Phones
Smart TVs
Smart Watches
Trinitron Screens

Responsive design helps you convert customers by creating a user-friendly experience. It is a way to demonstrate that your business is tech-savvy; you care about keeping up with your customer’s busy lifestyle. It allows customers to find you while they’re out running errands, to shop with you while they’re waiting in line, and to simply click-to-call on their smart phones when they’re ready to make a purchase.

If customers can’t do these things, they’ll move on—and you’ll lose money.

In short, you can’t afford not to take advantage of responsive web design. It has evolved into a non-negotiable business expense, much like your office’s light bill or your fleet’s gas bill. Fortunately, our reasonable rates make it easy for you to make the shift.