Content Is King

Make sure your content is good enough to keep your business competitive by taking advantage of The Click Depot’s team of trained in-house copywriters and content marketing specialists.

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Get Compelling Content

Content. It entices customers and builds loyalty. It improves your brand’s reputation and is the lifeblood of web pages, e-mail lists, and social profiles.

Some digital marketing firms cut corners on content. They outsource it to the cheapest writers they can find, people who rehash, rework, and spin the same tired stuff over and over again for pennies on the dollar.

The Click Depot takes a different approach. We believe that great content starts with great writers, so we’ve developed a team of trained in-house copywriters who are devoted to their craft. Our content marketers will get on the phone with you to learn more about your perspective, learning what makes your business unique, all the things you want to tell your customers and all of the insight you have to share.

They then use this material to transform your thoughts into web copy, e-mail newsletters, blog posts, e-books, white papers, and social updates that build your brand and convey your message while impressing your current and future customers.

Create Conversions

It’s all well and good to drive traffic to your website, but sales and leads create the ROI. Our copywriters speak directly to your customers, improving conversions by addressing the issues which matter to them.

They also perform full content audits on both your existing content, and your competitor’s content. This allows them to create a content marketing strategy which will help you outmaneuver the competition every time.

Ask The Click Depot for a content audit if:

You’re not getting much traffic
Your bounce rate is too high
You get traffic, but few leads and sales
You make one-time sales, but don’t generate enough repeat business

Welcome to the Reputation Economy

What are you doing to protect your online reputation? How does your business generate positive reviews and navigate negative ones? How will your company ensure people are talking about your brand at all?

Remember, in the reputation economy having no reviews is almost as bad as having terrible reviews. And reviews don’t happen on their own. You need a strategy for making them happen.

The Click Depot employs several tools to help you gather the social proof your business needs in order to survive.

  • We design and send follow-up e-mails and requests for feedback.
  • We help you stay active and relevant on all major social sites.
  • We’ll give you a personalized dashboard where you can track reviews in real time.
  • You can receive guidance on how to respond to reviews, both positive and negative.
  • We’ll place a personalized feedback button right on your website. It will link to major review sites, making it easy for customers to share the details of their experience.

Gather testimonials for your website. Create gorgeous, robust profiles on major review sites. The Click Depot handles every aspect of the modern reputation economy so you don’t have to.

Take charge of your reputation. Get a report today.

Blogs. Emails. Web copy. Review response. It’s all part of an ongoing process—a conversation you’re having with your customers, one that gets them engaged and keeps them coming back for more. We don’t just offer words. We offer words that build relationships.