Local SEO – Make Sure They Know Your Name

Local SEO helps your brick-and-mortar create an online storefront on the information super highway. 1000’s of potential customers are within 5 miles of your door. Do they know how to find you?

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The Yellow Pages of the 21st Century

Local SEO is just like the Yellow Pages of yesteryear. Once upon a time if you didn’t have a good, strong presence in the Yellow Pages then your business would always struggle to find leads. Today, the phone book gathers dust in homes all over the country. Today, tech-savvy residents turn to local search results instead.

When you type in “your business type” are you included in the local map results at the very top of the search engine results page? If you don’t, your business is losing business.

The competition is fierce, which is why we use a proven process to advance your business to one of the 7 top spots.

Step 1: Profile Optimization

We start by either building or claiming existing local profiles for your business. Often, these profiles exist even if you didn’t set them up yourself, simply because local search engines are scraping the data from other sources. However, this information is often inaccurate, which hurts both your rankings and your business.

Once we’ve gained access to your profile we go in to correct inaccuracies, add photographs, and add interesting, focused, and effective descriptions which entice customers while pleasing local search engines. We work with you to get these profiles fully verified and ready to go.

Step 2: Citation Building

Building “citations” is a matter of entering your name, address, phone number and web address into relevant directories all over the web. We submit hundreds of citations on behalf of our clients, creating a legitimate source of backlinks which inspires trust in all major local search engines.

Citations are the number one ranking factor, so this is important. However, they’re tedious to build on your own, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Slight variations in your information can have catastrophic consequences. Our local search experts know how to prevent these problems so you reap the full benefits of your citation strategy.

Step 3: Reputation Management

Reviews are the second most important local SEO ranking factor. They’re also a huge decision-factor…poor reviews mean customers won’t trust you enough to do business with you no matter where you rank.

To an extent, earning a great online reputation depends on your company—it’s up to you to provide the outstanding services and customer service it requires. It’s also up to you to stay in contact with your customers, encouraging them to leave reviews whenever possible. However, The Click Depot still provides many tools to make reviews much easier for our clients.

Putting Your Business on the Map

Local SEO rankings are potentially the most important type of ranking you will ever receive. Organic rankings might well capture traffic from around the country, but Local SEO captures traffic from right here in your area, marketing your business directly to the people who live, work, and play here.

Claim and correct inaccurate listings
Manage multiple locations
Help search engines recognize your market service area
Build an extensive network of citations
Capture mobile users

It’s not an easy thing to master. Many of our clients have multiple business locations or service area businesses which require extra special care. Small mistakes can have huge consequences. Competition is fierce, as every business in any given category has just seven chances to appear in these incredibly powerful search results. So don’t try to go it alone. Leave it to the experts to create a sound local SEO strategy that keeps you right in front of your market.